Posted by: drsallywrightstrategy | February 18, 2010

Welcome to Dr. Sally Wright’s New Blog on Strategy

Hello.  I am Dr. Sally Wright, a management consultant and president of Alliance Consulting Group, Inc.  I help individuals and organizations improve their performance.  Welcome to my blog on strategy formulation and implementation.

Let’s start with the clear, basic assumptions spelled out in noted consultant Alan Weiss’ book “Best Laid Plans”.  Strategy is where an organization is going.  Tactics, also called operations, is how it is going to get there.  These two are confused in at least three-quarters of the business books I have read, so  it is no wonder that strategic retreats produce muddled and ineffective results via their massive three-ring binders.

To define key concepts a bit further, strategic formulation is asking and answering “Where is this organization going?”  for one year, three years, etc.  Strategic implementation is, basically, making it all happen.

Having said that, you can look at any page of any major daily newspaper from Day 1 to Day 2 and understand why massive, static documents do not serve the needs of today’s businesses.

Businesses change.  They evolve. They grow and merge, take over and get taken over, expand and shrink, reinvent themselves and keep charging.

So if you take nothing else from this blog, take this: strategy is change management, and a strategic document had better be an active, living work in progress if it is going to do an organization any good at all.



  1. you’re right on,Sally.

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