Posted by: drsallywrightstrategy | March 31, 2010

Almay Gets It Right

Almay just hit one out of the ballpark.  Here is an excerpt from a March 31 press release on their new product, an eyeshadow-eyeliner-mascara trio called I-Color with instant inherent appeal:

“There are many features on the body that get noticed, but only a few that stay with a person after you leave the room. Gorgeous eyes are at the top of that list. So how can you be sure that you’re remembered for your intensely blue, green, brown or hazel gaze? The Almay Intense I-Color collection with Light Interplay Technology enhances your natural eye color to reveal brighter and more intense eye color.”

Talk about zeroing in on their market scope.  No acquisitions of unrelated companies, no diving off into unknown waters—just using their Driving Force (Market Needs for women who use cosmetics, which is just about every woman from age 13 to 83) to guide the launching of a new product that will have women beating a path to the nearest drugstore.  Whether it actually works or not, many women will try this product for its Special Technology (whatever that is) to make blue eyes look bluer, green eyes look greener, you get the idea (I wanted to stop at “hazel eyes look hazeler” because it looks like egregious use of the language).

What woman doesn’t want to have more attractive eyes?  Cleopatra must be turning over in her grave that she was born too early to try this product.  I might just head to the drugstore myself.


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