Posted by: drsallywrightstrategy | April 2, 2010

Poor iPad Strategy from Apple

Apple is recognized worldwide for its brilliant strategy in conceiving and launching the iPhone and iPod.   Economic magazines tout Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ prescience, market-savvy, and timing genius.  Why, then, did Apple depart from its wining game plan and launch the iPad before the iBooks software was completed?  Especially since e-books are supposed to be a major factor in iPad popularity?

Both the iPhone and iPod have built-in connections to the company’s iTunes store.  But because iBooks wasn’t finished when the iPad manufacturing began, it was not pre-installed. Yes, it will supposedly be available on Saturday.  But here’s where the company misfired—-they failed to capitalize on the strength of their brand, and in doing so, opened the door to competitors hungry to cash in on the iDevice phenomenon.

An Apple product buyer expects excellence—-it’s syonymous with the Apple brand.  Had iBooks been pre-installed, the new iPad owner would have used it as a default simply on the strength of the brand.  Since it was not pre-installed, however, users are free to load any e-book app they please.   Amazon and Barnes and Noble both have richer, more nimble e-bookstores.  And although the Amazon app isn’t available yet for the iPad, my guess is that Amazon engineers are working at mach 5 to make it available as soon as possible.   

So much for Apple’s e-book market share.



  1. iPad owners already know:

    “The first time you launch the App Store, it prompts you whether you’d like to install the iBooks application.”

  2. So I think that Apple is also following the advice of your mentor Alan Weiss – if it’s 80% complete, then it’s good enough to ship. The last 20% will take way too much time to finish. I anticipate that the iPad will follow a similar product development path as the iPhone – you’ll see an significant upgrade within six months that will address the concerns you raised. Time will only tell. Keep up the great content!

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